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PSC16 Presco Combination Keypad & Prox Card Reader

The Presco PSC16 Proximity Reader is an advanced, self contained RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) contactless reader. It is capable of interfacing to either a Wiegand input control panel or to Nidac’s range of Presco PAC decoders.


• Outputs Presco and Wiegand format data

• Auto senses output type required via white wire connection

• Read range of up to 20cm

• Compatible with Presco PAC access controllers and all other Presco decoders, the entire system uses low cost non-shielded cable and keypads can be up to 1 kilometer from the door controller (power supply and cable dependent)

• Compatible with industry standard 26bit Wiegand systems, fully configurable for other systems with up to 64 bits of data from the keypad and custom prox. cards and tags are available for other wiegand formats

• Over 19,000,000 possible codes when used with Presco PAC

• Audible and visual confirmation of all actions

• Designed and manufactured in Australia

• 3 year manufacturer’s warranty


operating voltage
8 - 15 Volts D.C.
operating current
150 mA. max
operating temperature
0°C to 50°C
read range
Up to 20cm (8”)
125 ± 5 kHz
wiegand output
Pulse width: 50μs
Pulse separation: 2ms
126mm x 80mm x 17.5mm