Anti-Passback with the NIDAC Prescient DN4 – At a Glance

06 May 2024 | WRITTEN BY BRAD

Setting-up and managing Anti-Passback with the NIDAC Prescient DN4 is simple and very user friendly. Let’s have a quick look at the features of this page and explain in simple terms how it works.

The screenshot below gives a birds-eye-view of the Anti-Passback Area configuration and statuses, represented by:

  • Anti-Passback Area Details
  • Users
  • Doors
  • Excluded User Groups, and
  • History
Anti-Passback page

Anti-Passback Area Details

Anti-Passback details page


Give the APB area a name that has meaning to you.

Anti-Passback Mode

Selectable as Hard or Soft. Hard APB will be enforced by the DN4, whereas Soft APB violations will not be enforced, but will generate an alert.

Maximum Capacity

Defines the maximum numbers of people who can be in the Anti-Passback Area simultaneously.


Shows you at a glance who is currently in the APB Area. This screen is a live view so it updates in real time as people enter and leave the area.

users card screenshot

Forgive Users gives the operator the ability to reset the APB status of all users in that area back to unknown with the click of a single button.

Forgive allows the operator to reset the APB status of an individual user to unknown.


The Doors item gives you information on which doors are included in the Anti-Passback Area.

doors card screenshot
  • The door name is a hyperlink that will take the operator directly to the door setup page.
  • You can also add and delete doors directly from this page item.

Excluded User Groups

Quite simply, the Excluded User Groups item shows which user groups are not bound by the rules of the APB area.

excluded user groups screenshot
  • The User Group Name is a hyperlink that takes you directly to the user group’s setup page.
  • Excluded User Groups can be added and deleted from this page item.


The History item is a live event log that shows in real time when a people enter and leave the Anti-Passback Area, limited to the most recent 10 events.

history card screenshot
  • Access Denied events are highlighted with a grey background.
  • If the controller is online there is a green circle at the top right of the History card. If the controller is offline this circle is red.

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