Prescient DN4 by NIDAC Firmware Highlights (V1.6)


The latest firmware for the NIDAC Prescient DN4 has arrived, so now is a good time to have a look at some of the new features.

Multiple Exit Device Inputs

With the NIDAC Prescient DN4 you can now have multiple Egress Inputs. As per the example below we have a Break Glass Alarm (latching) and a Request to Exit (momentary). The number of individually configured inputs is only limited by the number of available inputs.

Prescient screenshot 1

Live I/O Monitoring

To assist with controller configuration and fault finding we have developed a Controller Live Status I/O graphic. Referring to the screenshot below, we can see that Input 2 is active, as is Relay 2. What is not apparent from the screenshot is that when you mouseover an input or output, that I/O will be highlighted with a red circle on the PCB graphic. On the image below the mouse is over Relay 2 (not visible in the screenshot) and there is a red circle where Relay 2 is located on the PCB.

Prescient screenshot 2

If you would like to arrange an in person or online demo of the Prescient DN4 by NIDAC hit the link below

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