Zero Configuration Networking

with the NIDAC Prescient DN4


The NIDAC Prescient DN4 uses zero configuration networking techniques to intelligently identify other DN4 controllers on the local area network or LAN. Whether you are in DHCP or static mode there is no requirement to set a Domain Name Server or DNS address, reducing setup time for the installer, and minimising configuration errors.

  • A benefit of this type of networking is that the DN4 controllers will broadcast and listen for other DN4’s on the network, making auto discovery a cinch while ensuring that the mesh network remains intact.

The NIDAC Prescient DN4 has been built from the ground up as a network-first system, which means that the end-to-end communication is a fully implemented IP stack and not serial to IP, and thus it will adhere to the restrictions and management policies implemented by the primary router’s DHCP service.

If you are using a static IP assignment the DN4 has built in anti-collision measures to prevent accidental conflicts with other network devices that respond to pings.

Prescient screenshot 1
Prescient screenshot 2
Prescient screenshot 3
Prescient screenshot 4

So, if we try to set a static IP that is already used by another device on the network our system will return a Setting static IP error alert and we cannot proceed from there.

  • We also provide a caution to not set a static IP address within the router’s DHCP pool, this helps maintain a tidy and organised network environment.
Prescient screenshot 5

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