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The DN4 power supply and housing kit provides an easy off-the-shelf solution. Saving the time and effort of sourcing separate components and assembling them.
Also available without the battery for export customers.

The power supply module outputs 3A @ 13.8VDC, 0.25A for battery charging circuit and 2.75A for equipment.

*5 year warranty on the DN4. 1 year warranty on other parts.

The NPT-DN4-PSKIT-1 incudes:
Prescient DN4 Controller
24VDC 3.75Amp power supply
Polycarbonate enclosure
Power supply module
12VDC 7Amp battery

Networked system optimised to manage 256 doors
Optimised for 100,000 users
Packaged with user friendly, browser based Prescient UI
Compatible with Prove and Presco peripherals
Each unit factory tested with 5 year warranty included
Australian design, support and manufacture