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PAC1 Controller

PAC1 Controller

The PAC1 is a single door access controller that ensures secure door access due to the separation of the controller from the keypad or proximity reader. The unit can be easily programmed onsite using a keypad or via a PC with a PEL1 or PIM.

  • Non-volatile memory with 10 year data memory retention

  • Supports bulk entry programming of users

  • Automatic door re-lock function

  • Support for fail safe and fail secure locking

  • 12-24 Volt D.C. or 16-24 Volt A.C. operation

  • Controls a single door

  • Heavy duty 5 Amp relay contacts for lock control

  • 1 Amp N.O. relay contacts for DOTL and Door Forced alarm outputs

  • Programmable EGRESS input:
    -Momentary release for door output
    -Hold release for door output

  • Split system ensures maximum security

  • Backward compatibility feature for use with the PACDL Datalogger

600 users
Simple installation and use
Compatible with Prove products
Each unit factory tested with 5 year warranty included
Australian design, manufacture and support


104mm x 72mm x 27mm
operating voltage
11 - 30 Volts D.C.
14 - 28 Volts A.C.
operating current
120 mA. D.C. max
160 mA. A.C. max
operating temperature
0°C to 70°C
ELC Contacts
30 Volts, 5 Amp A.C./D.C. Single Pole Single Throw Programmable as N.O. or N.C.
DOTL Contacts
30 Volts, 1 Amp, N.O. Single Pole Single Throw